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50th Birthday Party

Saturday 1st October 2011


Option 1 - 7.50 per person


Toasted bagels with smoked salmon & cream cheese

Toasted bagels with baked ham, brandy & herb pate & spinach


Mini homemade tartlets with peppers, baby plum tomatoes & gruyere cheese

Mini pasties to include Cornish & cheese & onion fillings

Homemade onion baghis served with chilli, tomato & red pepper relish


Creamy homemade coleslaw with apples & raisins

Homemade fire roasted tomato potato salad

Tortilla chips & dips


Option 2 - 9.50 per person


Mediterranean cured meats served on a board with mixed olives, feta cheese & sundried tomatoes


Side of salmon fillet dressed with langoustines & king prawn


Mini pasties to include Cornish, beef chilli & cheese & onion

Mini tartlets with roasted vegetable & gruyere cheese


Creamy Italian coleslaw with red cabbage

Spicy pepperoni & chilli potato salad


Mixed Mediterranean rolls & homemade Irish wheaten bread

Tortilla chips & dips


(Disposable plates , napkins & cutlery is included in both prices)